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#1 2019-01-29 17:48:14

From: Colorado, USA
Registered: 2018-11-28
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New Business Model

Hello, dear VidsWatcher Members.

We have been working on making our platform fulfilling for our advertisers helping them get to the audience they prefer to advertise their product to AND make it a special place for users who are willing to watch Advertisements and get paid well.

VidsWatcher's goal is to attract more Video advertisers who want to tell all of us registered here about their services and products inviting you to become their clients, buyers, customers.

To attract more Advertisers we have to have at least 500,000 active users, prospective clients in different countries of the world.

When we achieved that point all users will have good pay, very good pay so you will not need to work here and there as before.
Having set this goal we will direct all our resources to getting more people to join and then launching the platform.

That means we will sometimes limit or close some earning tools to save resources for promotion.

Stay tuned as we are growing and your income will!



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