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#1 2018-12-09 14:03:41

From: Colorado, USA
Registered: 2018-11-28
Posts: 21

New feature "Tutorials"

We would like to know your opinion.

Would you be interested in making QUALITY tutorials/online classes where you could LEARN online or TEACH other users what you are skilled in, your profession etc.

So the principle would be:

If you are a TEACHER/TUTOR you would post your online classes schedule, description, upload your videos on VidsWatcher and people would buy access to them to watch and correspond with you. You would set a price.

If you are an interested to learn user, you would buy access to a specific online class and watch the videos at your own pace. Also you would be able to invite other people to watch and would be able to share the price of it making it most affordable for each one of you.

We will enable referral commissions at 10% for all new teachers and students who you bring. This will allow you to receive 10% for each transaction a student makes buying a class or for each sale a teacher makes.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks for your input.


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