How it Works

Very easy to use, secure video promotion system!

How it Works

Promoting Videos

VidsWatcher provides simple but effective tools for you to promote your videos online getting your Product or Service Video watched by your desired audience. You can submit your videos when you Sing On to your account hitting Promote Your Video tab.

Customize your order
While submitting your videos you will be able to set desired title, view duration, number of daily views, overall number of views. Select gender and country targeting.
Get paid For Your Time To Watch Video Advertisements
Every registered user receives a special referral link allowing you to promote VidsWatcher. You will receive 10% for each transaction your refferal makes giving you constant income.

What are coins?

Coin = virtual currency, users receive for watching videos they like the most helping you to promote it. All coins can be automatically converted into real money you can withdraw using CryptoCurrency payment processor.

How to withdraw?

When you have enough coins in your account (minimum withdrawal is $5.00, which means 480.00 coins), proceed to the withdrawal page, select the amount of coins you want to convert and submit withdrawal request. All requests are processes manually and make take up to 7 days.