VidsWatcher.com is a Video Marketing platform where regular people get paid for their time to watch Video Advertisements, Video Commercials all of us had to watch as interruption while we watch favorite movies, sports, news report etc . Up until today the only beneficiary have been TV stations, TV Channels who made us watch video advertisements without our consent. We never received any reimbursement for our time watching ads.

It had to change! It is our time, we are the audience! We are those who are prospect buyers, clients, visitors and recipients of the advertised services and products. Not TV Stations.

We are here to see what companies, businesses have to offer us and we are to be paid for our time!
On VidsWatcher COMPANIES pay our members to watch their promotional videos. And pay way less than they have been required to on TV Stations.

On VidsWatcher COMPANIES get real people to watch their advertisements, receive feedback from us as viewers in the comment section and find their customers paying them building firm relationships.
We all win!
Only real people! From all countries! With real and active email addresses and only ONE single account!

We pay close attention to all attempts to scam our system and all violators will be banned without notice and no payments received!

We are here to protect our advertisers and their interests.
All people who register have same tools available. You can watch and get paid for your eyes on the Video Advertisement as a prospect customer and also you can add your Video Advertising and get hundreds of thousands of people to see your product/service.

One user can watch the same video only one time in 24 hours! So an advertising company can be sure that the number of Video Ad views received within 24 hours is genuine and came from all different people.

And advertiser can STOP, PAUSE and RESTART ad campaign at own discretion. Advertiser can add funds to their advertising campaign at any time using our payment processors.

We do not offer refunds and are not responsible if the ad campaign is successful or not for the advertiser.

Advertisers will be able to receive feedback, questions about their product in the comment section or via private messaging system.

Users who watch videos are paid per view in coins. When the minimum amount of coins is collected you will be able to convert and withdraw funds using our payment processors.

It is very simple.

1. You have to go to Promote Your Video section in the top menu bar.
2. Add Video.
3. Provide video URL or upload your video.
4. Provide a name for your Video Commercial campaign.
5. Select preferred watch time in seconds. This is the duration time your audience will watch your video.
6. Provide the number of people you want to watch your video.
7.Select the number of people to watch on a daily basis.
8.Select audience by gender and targeted countries.
9. Next you will see the price to pay.
10. Select preferred payment method ad proceed.
11. After you have paid your campaign will start running.

Thank you.
First of all, you have to login to your account. We would like to remind that you are allowed to have only one account and use only one IP address. Otherwise you will be banned from the system and will lose all your earnings.

If you comply with our Terms you have to

1. Click on the 'Watch Advertisements' section on the left sidebar and then select the videos you are most interested to watch.

2. Click 'Watch Video'. the Video will be opened on the new page.
3. Hit 'Play' and the video will run for a certain period of time in seconds.
4. Your account will be credited in coins.
5. If you are willing to proceed and watch another Video Advertisement. Click Next Video.
6. Under each video that you watch we encourage you to share your thoughts as a prospect customer and allow advertisers consider your thoughts, concerns and suggestions to improve their services or products.

When you have enough coins to convert and withdraw. Request your money withdrawal using provided payment processors.

Allow us up to seven (7) days to process your request.
First of all, Thank you for becoming our partner!

We value the time, budget, and advertising goals our customers have in mind that is why we use anti-bot, same IP address, VPN and many more anti- scripts to make sure your Videos are watched by your preferred audience including chosen watch duration, daily watch limitation, targeted gender and country.

Our team is monitoring all accounts very closely and 24/7. We utilize and develop new tools to make sure you get what you pay for!
Yes, we value users who refer advertisers and other users to watch Video Advertisements to join our platform!

You have two options:

1. Refer a friends or an advertiser and receive 10% of the earned money by watching Advertisements or receive 10% of the whole advertising budget.

2. If you become VIP Member you you will be paid 40%.

As you can see your best option is becoming VIP Member AND inviting ADVERTISERS to join!
Currently we offer use cryptocurrency for all transactions made on VidsWatcher.com.

We do not use PayPal.

We suggest that you create your account with coinpayments.com.