VidsWatcher.com is a registered business in the United States of America (VidsWatcher, LLC). It is a place where you can promote your YouTube videos by getting thousands of people to watch it. It is also a place where you can kick-start your newly created channel that has even one quality video with good content.

With us you will be able not only to get real people to watch your videos but you will be able to get subscribers when they watch and like what you create.
Yes it is safe!
Why? Because we comply with YouTube video embedding and watch policy by using embedded video code provided by YouTube and all views coming from VidsWatcher are accepted/recognized by YouTube. Views are recognized because we embed YT video player, only real people watch them and videos start playing only if a real human clicks on the play button.

We never use bots, scripts to generate views! Only real people.
All videos found on VidsWatcher. com are provided by our users. Not by VidsWatcher administration. The number of available videos completely depend on users who add them to our video database and pay for them to be available for watching.

A user can watch a video only once in 24 hours. So if you have watched all available videos for today, you will be able to watch them or other new videos only in 24 hours.
Yes, we do offer 5% ref. commission for all active users who come through your referral link.

Your earning will depend on their activity. The more advertisers you invite, the more you earn on a daily basis.
All earnings are in coins that a user can convert into USD in his account. Minimum amount to withdraw can be checked on the withdrawal page and Terms of use section.

All withdrawal requests are processed within 7 days.
Yes. We will discontinue your account without prior notice if you violate our Terms (see the page).

All users intentionally creating several accounts will be detected by our system and will be banned. All earnings will be permanently lost.

When a user tries to withdraw funds, we will check his account once again manually.

Respect us and we will respect you in return.

We protect our advertisers' interests and will not allow bots, scripts and multiple accounts.
Yes, you can use a dedicated contact form when you have questions. Please write ONLY in English. If you use any other language we will not be able to answer your letters.

When you send us an email, please remember we work during 8 a.m. - 10 p.m. Monday through Friday.

VidsWatcher is a place where thousands of people are gathered and visiting on a regular basis.

If you have a video about your service or any kind of business you can have people watch it and get new customers.

To do that you would need to have a YouTube account, upload your promo video there, get a video link and add it to our platform targeting men, women and countries.